SHOTSHELL BOXES ALL ARE 12 GA AND EMPTY UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE. This website is maintained regularly and is up to date.


Four vintage ammunition boxes including two hipower shot shells and two all american trap loads by peters and remington.

Federal Hi-Power. Mint. $59

Federal Hi-Power. Mint. I’d be foolish not to keep one of these for myself SOLD

Peters All American trap Loads. I do not recall ever seeing a Peters All American Trap Loads box. Mint $25

Remington All American trap Loads. I do recall seeing Remington All American Trap Loads and perhaps even shooting them. Mint (dt) SOLD

Four retro shotgun shell boxes in varying colors and designs, branded peters, western, hawthorne, and j.c. higgins, displayed side by side.

Peters Hi Velocity. 20ga. FULL. Much scarcer than 12ga box in this series from Peters. Light edge wear. Exc+ (ntz) SOLD

Western Super-X Magnum Mark 5. Memory tells me these were some of the early plastic shells. Mint (ee) SOLD

Wards Hawthorne Magnum. 2 3/4″ Magnum. Kind of a hard box to find, especially this nice. Shot size is blacked out on top flap and there is a black X all the way to the left in the white area where load info is on same flap, o/w Exc+ (ed) SOLD

Sears J. C. Higgins Sportload. As a kid, I waited and saved all year until August when Sears had a sale on their Sportload shells. I remember them being as low as $.99 a box. This box is Mint. (ex) SOLD

Three vintage winchester ammunition boxes on a wooden shelf, labeled "handicap trap," "super speed shotgun shells," and "ranger super seal crimp.

Winchester AA Handicap Trap. Nice clean box. Exc. (dy) SOLD

Winchester W Super Speed. Exc. (ex) SOLD

Winchester W Ranger Super Trap Load. Exc. $23

Three vintage remington shur shot shotgun shell boxes in various colors, labeled target loads and trap loads, featuring the dupont logo.

Remington Shur Shot. I know a man who has 88 varieties of this red and green Remington shotshell box. Don’t glance over them. He says sometimes it is only a single word that makes it different, but that is enough. New Remington crimp. Mint with bright colors. $19

Remington Shur Shot. TARGET LOADS. FULL. I do not recall seeing this version before, so I have to think it is scarce. How many of you noticed the leaflet on the top of this box? Good eyes! It is sn insert to this box, a fold out 4 page leaflet about the NEW REMINGTON CRIMP in 3 colors, green, red and black. These inserts are as rare as hen’s teeth. Light edge wear, still exc-. Scarce box with rare insert in this condition is a real find, and you were lucky enough to find it here! EXC- $65

Remington Shur Shot. TRAP LOADS. FULL. This is another scarce variation on the Remington red and green skeem. Very light edge wear is only flaw. EXC. $55

Vintage peters shotgun shell boxes displayed on a wooden shelf, featuring colorful designs and text.


Peters Skeet Loads. 2 1/2inch, 410 FULL. Edgewear and the following: top flap has a curve, probably straightenable. front has light wrinkle at bottom right, barely noticible in photo. BackTwo concentric wrinkles top right corner, the longer one is 5/16″ and extends 5/16′ measured dioagonally from corner/There is a slight line from between othe “out of” up to the “U” in shotgun. Top right corner of the bottom has a similar two line indent, the longer being 1″ and 1/2″ diagonally from corner. Number 9 shot, not seen often. Bright coors. VG+ $35

Peters High Velocity. 3″ 410, FULL. Slight wrinkle top right and similar on bottom left of opposite side (front and back are the same mallard scene). Bright colors. EXC. $79

Peters High Velocity. FULL. Top flap came loose and has been reinforced with inert tape, otherwise minor edge rubs. Vivid colors. Interesting duck load: 3 3/4, 1 1/4, 7 1/2! Bright colors. Exc- (nl) SOLD

Peters High Velocity. 410, 3″ SKEET. There are twenty-two 410 Skeet shells inside. The black marker is written on the clear plastic protecting the box, NOT on the box itself. Box is EXC. $55

Vintage ammunition boxes for shotguns displayed in a row, featuring various brands and colorful designs.

Peters High Velocity. FULL. 3 INCH 410ga. Gunners nicknamed these the “blue Peters” shells. In fact, they are blue plastic and you can see the shot inside them. Box has scuffed edges and corners, but no damage and strong colors. (yl) SOLD

Peters High Velocity. 20ga. This is the oldest version of this beautiful Peters box with mallard, predating the more common box whic pronounces “New Peters Crimp” across the bottom of front panel, dating it late 1930s to early 1940s. Edge rubs, but no structural damage. Colors are very good. VG (ol) SOLD

Federal Hi Power. 28ga. When guys call and say they have a such and such box and I ask what the label looks like or what are the graphics, they always seem stunned. This and the next box show why I ask. Both are Federal Hi Power, but the graphics are totally different and the issue years are different. This style followed the mallard or goose on Federal’s boxes, beginning in the 50s or 60s I believe. One of the small inside flaps on bottom of box is missing. Remember it is a scarce 28ga box. Box and colors are Exc. $60

Federal Hi Power. 20ga. Box and colors are Very Good. (cx) SOLD

Peters Skeet Loads. FULL. 410ga. Some edge or corner rubs and one crinkle area on reverse panel, otherwise a very nice full box of tiny 2 1/2 inch shells. VG+ (ct) SOLD

Assortment of vintage shotgun shell boxes from various brands, displayed with colorful labels and logos.

The colors in this photo are not as bright as the actual boxes or the actual photo I took. Somehow in the transfer from the phone card to the pictures the accurate color was lost. I will be taking these rows from top to bottom, rather than the usual left to right.

First vertical row, top to bottom:

Peters High Velocity. .410 3″ shells. Partial, less than half. Brilliant colors, don’t show in pic for some reason, as noted above. Very clean, very light corner wear. Exc+ (ot) SOLD

Peters High Velocity. 16ga. Pencil price on bottom flap says $2.89. Some wear on some edges and corners, one wrinkle thru Velocity and a pen mark vertically over duck’s neck to top. Very bright colors, much better than photo. VG. (cl) SOLD

Peters High Velocity. 16ga. Same load data as above, but this box also says “Progressive burning smokeless powder”. Presumablly this is older than the above, but both have the “New Peters Crimp” across bottom. Moderate edge and corner wear, colors aged by time and light. VG- (et) SOLD

Second vertical row, top to bottom:

Sears Mallard Sportload. SOLD

Sears Mallard Sportload. 2 piece box. Complete label on all 4 sides. Math problem on the side cardboard correctly added 79, 15 and 39 to get a total of 133. I suspect there is a decimal in front of the numbers being added and the total is $1.33 for three item being purchased that day. Label is bright on all 4 sides, better by far than the photo. one weak seam on top has been reinforced with masking tape inside the top. All in all a very nice clean and bright 1930s or before box. Exc. (ztx) SOLD

Reminton Arrow Express. 2 piece box. This is a beautiful, sunburst Remington box in exceptionally clean condition. Box proclaims not just long range, but “Extra Long Range Loads”. Hand written on box top is “Double gun”. Of course, if there anything else? (Love my doubles, side by sides, that is.) Complete label, NO corner or edge wear on this box. The top end panel has a shot to game table. Peasants must have changed since the 20’s, as they recommend using size 6 or 7 for them. I have used 8s on stocked birds, but would go larger then 7 for wild birds. What are your thoughts? To sum up, a bright, clean box with complete crisply bright and clean, except as mentioned, label. Nr Mint (tlz) SOLD

Remington Nitro Club. 2 piece box. 5 shells. The five shells are spotless and complete with info on the top seal wad. Duck load with color mallard drake landing on end. Complete label. These are duck loads, but label pronounces they are also suitable for pheasant, rabbit, hawk, crow, partridge, grouse and Prairie chicken. So there. Structurally the box is Exc. The lable has a few chips, but no ino is missing and the colors are as bright as if it was just issued today. Overall Exc. (dyl) SOLD

Third vertical row, top to bottom:

Sears Sportload X-TRA Range. 16ga for guns with 9/16th inch or longer chambers. Sears got a lot of mileage out of the Sportlaod name. Those are the loads I would buy each August when they went on sale growing up in the 50s-60s. They also used the name in the 30s on the two piece version of this graphic and on this one piece version mimedialtely after they changed to one piece boxes. Guys are always calling and saying I have an old shotshel box. It is a (fill in a name, Ranger, Sportload, High Velocity, etc). How old is it? When I try to explain those names were used for many years with different looking lables, they seem to think I am a dimwit. Maybe so. Left side panel has several small, faint water spots. Bright colors with light smudges as seen on the front in pic. The top flap has blue smudges I think that happened in printing, as the blue is the same ink as the goose. little to no corner and edge wear. Exc- (lt) SOLD

Federal Hi-Power. 3 inch Magnum. I say again, so you don’t miss it, these are THREE INCH MAGNUM SHELLS. This box and I may be roughly the same age, but it has weathered time much better than I have. The colors are much brighter than the photo show. All colors are birght, especially the blue background, the reds, the duck’s head and bill and the yellow leters. Dark blue border and trees, meaning it was an older version. Switching to black saved money in printing costs. There were not many 12ga guns chambered for 3″ shells back then, so I doubt many 3″ shells were produced and only a tiny fraction of that remain in FULL boxes as bright, clean and with as little wear as this one. Exc+, nr Mint. (znl) SOLD

Forth vertical row, top to bottom:

Western Auto Revelation. 20ga, FULL. Exc. (olz) SOLD

Winchester Mark Five. 24 shells. Nr Mint. (ezl) SOLD

Two vintage ammunition boxes: a wooden box labeled "ace 12 ga maximum load" and a cardboard box for "hiawatha airway 12ga shot shells.
Wooden crate labeled "small arms ammunition" and "loaded paper shotgun cartridges" with visible wood grain and metal rivets.

Hiawatha Wooden Shotshell Crate. Hiawatha was a brand name for shotshells sold by Gambles Hardware stores in the mid west. Their boxes show up so seldonly that I have to think they were as small as Revelation with Western Auto stores farther east, possibly about the same time, 1950s-60s. If their shotshell boxes are scarce, their crates are rare. Ace was the name of one of their shells, Airway was another (see box beside crate). The tag on the end of crate shows enough so we can determine they were sent to a Gambles dealer. The second picture shows the side of the same crate stating paper shells, meaning before early 1960s. Crate is Exc and Rare. $115

Hiawatha Airborne Shotshell Box. I have had several Hiawatha Ace boxes, but this is the first Airway I have seen. It too opens on the sides, not the top and bottom as most shotshell boxes do. According to the loading data Airway seems to be the field loading and Ace their waterfowl loads. This box is dark blue where the Ace boxes are brown. Exc and Scarce. (oo) SOLD

Three boxes of matom super magnum mark 5 plastic shotgun shells, in pink, red, and yellow, with text warnings and descriptors.

Western Super X Magnum Mark 5. FULL. 20ga. Bright colors, nice clean box with light rubs. The camera made the corner bump worse than it really is. Actually it isn’t the corner so much as the front at the corner and I bet it can be straightened by hand. Earliest version of plastic shells. Many fewer Magnum boxes were sold than plain Super X boxes. Exc- (ex) SOLD

Western Super X Magnum Mark 5. FULL. 20ga. Bright colors, nice clean box with very minor rubs. Exc. (EX) SOLD

Western Super X. Bright colors on a very nice box, Exc $12

Vintage shotgun shell boxes displayed on a shelf, featuring brands like wards red head, hi-power, and remington express in colorful packaging.

Wards Red Head. FULL. The box is square, but the wrap the guy put on it is heat sealed and makes the box sit cockeyed. Good color with moderate edge and corner wear. Exc- (yt) SOLD

Federal Hi Power. FULL. The box is square, but the wrap the guy put on it is heat sealed and makes the box sit cockeyed. Lower right corner bump, o/w Exc. SOLD (yx)

Remington Express. 410. Older box prior to new Remington Crimp. I opened this one up. There are 25 shells, but not all 25 are Rem Express. Exc. (ex) SOLD

Remington Express. 20ga. FULL. Light corner wear. Just out of a case with Bright Colors. Exc. $35

Vintage shotgun shell boxes displayed on a wooden shelf, featuring various brands and colorful designs.

Federal Hi-Power. 20ga FULL. Exc. (ol) SOLD

Winchester Super-W-Speed. 410, FULL. Top (or front) a little dust soiled over the years, but box is solid. VG. SOLD (cx)

Peters High Velocity. 410, FULL. 3 inch shells. Exc. (ulz) SOLD

Western Super-X. 16ga. 2 9/16 inch shells. Almost full, about 23 rounds, I haven’t counted them yet. Old style, colors, before they blue and yellow boxes, about 1930s (into early 40s maybe?). Shell bulge and corner and edge wear. Vg SOLD (ll)

Remington Nitro Express. 2 piece box with Mallard on end label. Nice bright colors, minimal edge wear, very clean, Exc. (ddx) SOLD

Three vintage shotgun shell boxes from western cartridge company displayed side by side.

Western Super-X Centennial Box. Since I got a box that is open, I thought I would share the contents with you. In the photo, left to right, top of box, bottom of box, inside box that holds the shells, and top right one of the very hansome shells. These boxes were issued in 1992 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Western. It was issued in 12 ga, but inside a two piece box that is the size of a 10ga box, so it can house the box of 25, 12ga shells. All this information is written on the several boxes that make up this special offering. The shells are made to look like those of about 1922, but with modern internal components. The box shown has a small bump to one corner. The others I have do not. After a slow start, these boxes are taking their rightful place in shotshell collections everywhere. Priced to sell, opened but Exc. $45

Three vintage ammunition boxes on a wooden shelf, labeled "winchester ranger," "defiance," and "hercules," for various types of shooting.

Paul Kingyon Duck Call shown. I sell collectible game calls also, go to my Home Page and scroll down to the link to Game Calls: Duck, Goose, Crow, Predator to see my full list of Call offerings. I keep all pages up to date, so what you see is available.

Winchester Ranger, 20ga FULL. Exc-. SOLD (znt)

United States Cartridge Co. Difiance. 2 piece box. Look closely, because you may never have seen this label before. It was pasted on at the factory. My guess is it dates from the time Skeet was invented and named and only used for a short time, until another design was made for the next year’s production of Difiance Skeet Loads. This was quick, inexpensive and could be applied to existing boxes in the rush to get the new skeet loads out to the public. I have seen this done for powder cans. All that makes this a rather unique box. Exc. $175

Holiday. Mallards on this side, ring-necked pheasant pair on the other side. I showed this side, to show you the slight corner bump at lower right. It is the only corner with one. Light rubs, still Exc. SOLD (ll)

Vintage shotgun shell boxes displayed on a wooden shelf, featuring various brands and colorful designs.

Sears Ted Williams Xtra Range. 20ga FULL. 1960s if memory serves me right. Light to moderate surface wear. Exc- (cx) SOLD

Sears Sportload. 20ga, FULL. I remember these to be just before the Ted Williams name was used. Correct me if it was the other way around. Exc. SOLD (ex)

Winchester Tracer Shot Shells. 3 rounds inside. (There were four, but I gotta keep one for myself.) Box says, “…designed to help you improve your shooting ability by taking the guesswork out of determining leads…” “visible day or night”, and “Eliminate any doubts as to why a target was missed.” How cool is that? Box has moderate wear and front not a bright as back and sides. But how many of these were made? I don’t remember ever seeing them. Scarce at best. SOLD (zcl)

Remington Shur Shot. 16ga. FULL. I have already said, elsewhere, a friend told me he had 88 varieties of these red and green boxes Remington used over the years. #8 shot is you need some for your order guns with short chambers. These are 2 9/16 inch shells. Exc with vivid color. (cu) SOLD. I have one or two in lesser conditions, call and ask if interested–740-698-5060

Remington Express Extra Long Range. FULL. New Remington Crimp. Brilliant colors, Exc. I have 2, $35 each

Three vintage shotgun shell boxes: remington express 20 ga, remington express 12 ga, and peters high velocity 12 ga, each labeled with range, type, and features.

Remington Express. Full. Extra Long Range Shells. 20ga. New Remington Crimp. Partial, 8 Mint shells $21

Remington Express. Full. Extra Long Range Shells. New Remington Crimp. Light edge wear. I have 2, Exc. $30 each

Peters High Velocity. FULL. This is a poor picture of a very nice box. Colors are vivid, NOT faded as picture would have you believe. Very very light rubs to some corners, Exc+. SOLD (yx)

Vintage remington shur shot shotgun shell boxes in red and green, displayed on a shelf.

Remington Shur Shot. 16ga. FULL. The picture shows 4 different boxes turned to show you all pertinent info. Altho most guys blow these off as common, I know for a fact there are at least 88 varieties of this box in all its forms and gauges. You might want to look more closely at them (see more below). Exc Last one in this condition. $32.

A box of super-x razor blades on a dark surface, featuring prominent red and yellow branding.

WESTERN, SUPER-X. RED & WHITE 2 PC, THESE WERE ISSUED FOR OLIN’S 100TH ANNIVERSARY. ACTUALLY IT’S 2 BOXES IN ONE. OUTER box IS 10 GA SIZE, INNER HAS INFO ON SHOTSHELLS AND WINCHESTER HISTORY, FULL, SEALED AND ALREADY GROWING TOUGH TO FIND. NOTE ON BACK SAYS, “THESE SUPER-X SHELLS RESEMBLE EARLY 1922 VINTAGE PRODUCTION EXCEPT FOR USE OF MODERN INTERNAL COMPONENTS.” WINCHESTER WENT TO SOME EXPENSE TO PRODUCE THESE SHELLS WHEN ISSUED 1992. THEY USED THEIR ORIGINAL HEADSTAMP, ROLL CRIMP AND PRINTED OVER-SHOT WAD JUST LIKE IN THE OLD DAYS. This one has had the seal opened so you can take out and look at the inside box and the shells inside. They are very pretty, the way old shells used to be. Inside box has the loading info, 12 ga, 2 3/4 in, 3 1/4 Dr Eq, 1 1/4 oz, 6 shot, with more history on Western Cartridge Company, Equitable Powder Company, etc. Side panel has list of improvements made over the 100 years history. Each shell, paper of course, is red with Black Western, Super inside big X, long range load, maximum killing power due to the concentrated shot string found only in super x, with glimmering brass base. These boxes are living history and it is only a matter of time before they are truly recognized as the wonderful collectilbes they are. Get yours now or pay way more for it later. Your choice. Water stain to plain cardboard part of the outside box, does not affect any of the lable which wraps around all four sides. Exc+. $60

Brass Shot Shells. Remington-UMC, 12 ga Best all brass shot shells. No corrosion, exc condition. (dx) SOLD OUT

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